Getting ready for our expedition…in Iran!

Iran150We’re going to Irannnnn! Can’t wait for it!
For the moment we have to deal with our luggage, there are plenty of things to be done! The most important thing is that we have managed to sort out the cown rules, clothes we will wearing on the mountain. The trekking shoes, the pants, the down jacket, the gloves, the hat, the high altitude glasses, they are all nicely arranged in a corner of my room.

But, as you all know, it’s not only the mountain that counts, but everything around it, so, after (God help us!) we manage to get to the peak, we will be setting off on the iranian land. And because, as in any other country, they have their own rules, we have been looking for specific clothes since a long long time ago.
All that I want to tell you is that I have already bought some and I’m amazed to see how nice they suit me. I have already bought those long pants I need to wear, also the blouses are ready to be taken to this Islamic country and, the most important thing, the shawl which I will always have to wear in order to have  my head and hair covered(up).
Now, in our house, one can find all kinds of things everywhere. Either mountain clothes, either things we will be wearing in the city, either all kinds of objects we will be needing(light beams, heater, and other stuff), but I don’t think you guys want to know what’s in our fridge! Does anyone know that boring line some parents tell their kids? ‘You could sort out some of these clothes because as soon as I open the closet door, they all fall upon me’. Well, that’s what’s happening in our house but concerning the fridge and all the food one can find inside it. Meat, pate, corn, a big Finetti jar, some other tin cans, and let’s not forget the Isostar gel which we mustn’t forget. All in all, we’re trying to get things done as soon as we can. We’re leaving tomorrow night! There are lots of things to do. It seems that 2 other expeditions are in line so, while mom and dad are doing their best to make projects for the next expeditions, I’ll be preparing myself for a geography contest, and also I will be shooting some videoclips for a youtube channel which I’m not really sure about, and, let’s not forget about our present expedition!

Next week we’re going to Bucharest where we will meet a lady representant of the Iranian Embassy, who was very nice and helped  us out a lot. We thank her for all the help given and we also want to point out that without her help we wouldn’t have managed to get all the papers done for Iran. When meeting her, we will be given the visas and then we will be taking off for Istanbul where we will be spending some hours in the airpoirt, before taking off again for Tehran.
The arrival in the capital of Iran should be in June the 29th, at 3 o’clock in the morning. For weeks  we have been in touch with a welcoming romanian lady married with an iranian sir and she was delighted to show us around her city. Miss Mariana, the lady who will be taking care of us while staying in Tehran, helped us a lot. We’re sure that everything will be alright and, after we come back home from Iran, she is welcome to spend some time at our house, here, in her birth country.
In the morning, after sleeping for a few hours, we’re setting off for the mountain.
Damavand, here we come!

And so that you see the way I will be dressed, here’s a photo:


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