How can I follow my dream?

Alexandra-și-ia-românească-300x225Hello, I am Alexandra and not too long ago I turned 16.  I love  hiking  and travelling and I want to I want to keep promoting Romania and finish the Seven Volcanoes Circuit (highest on every continent).

I climbed so far on top of four of them and in November I will go to Papua New Guinea for the ascent of Giluwe, the highest volcano of Oceania and Australia. 

I tell you all of this because I do not know which way to take from here and you could help me with a suggestion or a piece of advice.

 In the month of July, at the request of our good friends Alison and Steve from Volunteer Romania we organized a two days  trip for a group of teenagers from Great Britain, that were volunteering in Deva, Romania.

We enjoyed the good weather for two days in a row and everybody was happy. Because we were aware of the fitness of our new friends we picked a not too difficult itinerary and I adapted to the pace of the youngest members of our group.


We climbed trees,


we climbed on top of the Rock of Cozia, to enjoy the view.


We ate blackberries picked up by us


and we even participated to the gathering of the hay.


Some of us got very tired and drew their tongues,


but, generally speaking everybody had a good time.

I would like to thank Alison and Steve for this new experience, for giving me the opportunity to try my abilities as a guide and because I realized I like it.

Mother used to tell me that one is good in doing something only if he likes what he is doing. I know what I like, just that I do not know how to carry on with it: traveling and mountain climbing.

That is why I ask you: What would you do in my place?    I would appreciate any suggestion or help that you can offer me.



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2 Responses to How can I follow my dream?

  1. Peter Kinjap says:

    Hi Alexandra…….nice post. I have climb Mt. Giluwe in Papua New Guinea and I can help you climb this mountain. Thnx, Peter.

    • ClimbForYou says:

      Thank you very much Peter.
      This is a very kind and generous offer.
      We would greatly appreciate your help.
      In case we can do something in return let me know.

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