Live your dream

by Dana

Sureanu_2011 (17)Some months ago I attended a course on-line and one of the lessons was about how to write a book.

I was extremely interested in the idea and I told my 16 years old daughter: “Alexandra, we have to write a book”.

I even gathered the main ideas of the course and put them together into a folder that I have named “Guide for how to write a book”

And after that I began delaying:

Tomorrow I am going to do something about this.

Tomorrow I will have more time.

Tomorrow I will meet the right person that will put me on the  right direction.

Tomorrow I will take the first step.

Tomorrow I will ask my family for support and understanding.

And the days kept passing by, one after another.

Alex si cartea eiMeanwhile, my sixteen year old daughter, Alexandra, wrote her first book, “Alexandra and the seven volcanoes-Evolution”, which is due to be launched this Friday, October the 11th at Deva Mall, 6 o’clock pm.

 So, while I lingered in my comfort zone, my daughter Alexandra set into action.

She took the first step and the univers brought into her way all the opportunites she needed.

How many times happened to you to see people doing things you would like to do too?

cartea cu flori si diplomaWhat makes the difference between us  and the people that take action? It’s the difficulty you have to get out of your comfort zone? It is the facility to find excuses? Have we lost our faith? Have we given up our dreams?

I do not believe this for one moment. I just think we should get out of our box. It may be comfortable, but we won’t live our dream there. Some of us would say that this is maybe our dream. But in this case we don’t have to feel frustrated.

Today I am going to do a thing that will take me closer to my dream. Today I will believe into this one thing that my mind cannot accept yet. The dream remains a dream till you take action and transform it into a living thing.

Because “if you do not work for your dream, somebody else will hire you to work for his dreams”.

My dream is to create a travel agency and travel the world. And I believe in my dream. Turn your dream into a living thing and let me know here what your dream is.

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