Papua New Guinea here we come!

steagThe day of our departure to  Papua New Guinea is drawing near. And near.

Among our busy days, in the middle of our activities, every now and then it dawns on me: We are going to Papua New Guinea.

I am sure that nobody from my tribe ever set foot there. We are going to be the first ones. From Marcu clan.

We are extremely busy. Managed to have Alexandra’s book published, launched it, participated to a lot of TV shows. We keep on working on the translation of the book, on our blogs, on the projects for the next expedition, on the promotion of the book and the soon to be released documentary about Alexandra’s family. And in the middle of all this, like a beacon, there is Papua New Guinea.

I am fascinated by this country. I look forward to going there. And every time I think about it I feel a thrill running down my spine. We will go on the other side of the planet, in  Papua New Guinea.

We managed to establish a lot of contacts with this fabulous country. People are going to accommodate us, guide us, welcome us. Because every where are people, one can find generosity, curiosity, feelings.

A fantastic thing is that we managed to get in contact with a gentleman willing to guide us to the top of Giluwe, highest volcano of Oceania, Australia continent. A gentleman that wants to promote his country and region and that has invited us to be the guests of the Mondika  community. And both of us, me and my daughter like this. We like people that love their country, people that  are proud of their land and traditions.

Every person we got in contact with from Papua New Guinea showed us a fantastic kindness and desire to help. And we hope to give something back also.

acasaOn our side, we have also accommodated a gentleman from Mexico for three days. He was more than delighted to see that the photo on Alexandra’s book was taken on Pico de Orizaba, Mexico. Being so far from home and see a picture from your country on the cover of a book about to be launched made a fantastic impression on him. And we are pleased we could help him, knowing that soon other people will help us too, on the other side of the planet, in Papua New Guinea.                

I thank already all of you, friends from Papua New Guinea for your support and help. And I am looking forward to meeting you.

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