Friendship around Giluwe (Seven Volcanoes Circuit)

I met Peter Kinjap some weeks ago. I was in full process of preparing our next expedition. The expedition in Papua New Guinea, where the highest volcano of Oceania Australia is waiting for us.So I was digging on the internet. This is how I met Peter. And this is how I learned to know him a little bit as our conversation over the oceans and continents unfolded.

Peter Kinjap is a person that decided to take action for the benefit of his community and country. As he lives at the foothill of Mount Giluwe he noticed an increased interest for this mountain, that belongs to the worldwide famous 7 Volcanoes Circuit.

He realized that this can be an opportunity to help develop his community by providing services and help to climbers willing to

try this fantastic ascent and also show the world that Papua New Guinea is a safe and worth visiting country.

This is why when he was contacted by me, father of Alexandra Marcu, a 16 years old Romanian girl that wants to complete the 7 Volcano Circuit he decided to help us.

Because Peter knows that by doing so, by showing that with his help and the help of the community he belongs to, a little girl

managed to climb Mount Giluwe safely and in good conditions, he can prove and show to the world how safe his region and country is.

In 2 days we will be taking off for the legendary Papua New Guinea. We are looking forward to meeting Peter and his family and community.

Also we are proud to be part of an enterprise meant to show the real face of a country.

Together we decided also to landmark the peak. I know how great it is after a difficult climb to be able to take a picture of a landmark. The landmark that shows you made it. The land mark of the peak.

We hope that by doing so climbers that will go there after us would find it easier to prove they made the ascent, without having to climb downhill in order to take their photos in an attempt to catch the surrounding landscape.

This is a big event for me and Alexandra. By landmarking the peak together with Peter Kinjap and his friends we hope to help them start a new beginning for their community. And also we are very proud because this event is going to take place around the Romanian National Day, on December the 1th.

Friendship between people coming from different sides of the planet. Collaboration and help between Romania and Papua New Guinea.

We are so happy to be part of this. And we know that with God’s help we are going to make it happen.

Peter, we are coming, my friend. Thank you for your great articles on

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  1. Wish up and your dad a happy hiking

  2. Evans says:

    Thank you for share it with us. Anyone around is interested join us to go to climb Kilimanjaro on 2014? Please email me t

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