For Information  contact:
Dan Marcu
+40 722.258.472

7 Responses to Contact

  1. Milan says:

    Hi Dan and Alexandra 🙂
    Your web page is well made! I am looking forward to read all this articles. It takes me more time because I am not so good in english 🙂 I will write later.
    Your admirer
    … Milan (CZ) 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Hello Dan,
    I hope to some day see you and your daughter brave the ascent to the summit of Mount Boler here in London On. Canada. I open my door for you and family to stay in our home as you prepare and train for the climb

    • ClimbForYou says:

      Hello Rob
      We climbed that mountain already.Thank you for your generous offer but we kind of visited your country already.
      We would enjoy instead having you here in beautiful Romania, together with your family.We could show you some gorgeous
      mountains too.

  3. Hi Dan,
    Your blogs are great. Hope to see you in Nepal soon for more adventurous trekking and peak summit.

  4. Peter Kinjap says:

    Hi Dan & Alexandra……..I am looking forward to your visit to climb the 7th Volcano Summit and the highest volcano in the Pacific Oceania region (Australian Continent) – the Mount Giluwe in Papua New Guinea. I am delighted for your visit and assure you will enjoy your days spending climbing the mountain as well as experiencing the countryside of typical highlands tropical beauty. I write my blog for this too.

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