We’d like to thank our sponsors for their support! We appreciate the generosity of the following companies and individuals:

I would like to say thank you first to the local and the county authorities who played such a major part in the achievement of these expeditions.

Stema Deva

The Local Board of Counsellors of Deva

The Board of Counsellors of the county of Hunedoara

The Board of Counsellors of the county of Hunedoara

Displaying a fantastical inclination toward the promotion of the city and the county, the authorities gave us the opportunity of taking the flag of Deva and the one of the county of Hunedoara on top of worldwide famous peaks of the planet, creating by this an extraordinary image for our lands and outrunning cities and counties richer and with a  far larger alpine tradition in the country and the continent.

I can not help thinking of those that keep saying- it is not possible to make this true here, only abroad, or somewhere else.

No my friends, it is possible here too and on a way larger scale than others.

Media partners and renowned companies of the county joined in this effort, adding their contribution:  Ziarul Hunedoreanului and Hunedoara TV, Formula As, Colegiul Naţional Decebal Deva, Farmacia Iris Deva,   Rotary Club Deva, BoromirComexim R Lupeni, Ro Connect SRL, Enotech SRL , galeriile Real, Kadett and Caminico Imex SRL Deva.

And maybe also the family company, that managed one way or another to put in all the extra funds that we needed.


I thank you all and hope to be able to keep making you proud.

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