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Celebrating the National Day in Papua New Guinea

The most important day for the Romanians. The National Day. I thank the soldiers that fought for this country, that made possible for us to live in a country named Romania. The king Ferdinand said one day: “As long there … Continue reading

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9 days with the Mondika tribe (I)

So, finally I managed. I am on a quest, together with my family, for learning, experiencing and evolving as much as we can for as much as we are allowed to stay on this planet. We have lived in the … Continue reading

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Bobby the Carver, Stanley Smiley and Junior the Warrior

We have met a lot of people in Papua New Guinea. Welcoming people, that kept smiling at us. Among them there are some that have impressed us more than others.

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The ascent of Mount Giluwe- Landmarking of a volcano from the 7 Volcanoes Circuit

One fine afternoon I was smoking a cigarette in our garden kiosk In about 2 weeks I was supposed to set off, together with my daughter, to Papua New Guinea. Mount Giluwe was waiting for us. Our fifth volcano from … Continue reading

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A day with the Masaai tribe Close encounter

Tanzania 2010 We managed to climb on the top of Kilimanjaro one day ahead of time so that I had a nice little conversation with my friend Elias, our well seasoned guide on the mountain.

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My first pupil

It has been a while since I started thinking about taking a kid up to the mountains. And finally it happened. So, we set off for the mountains, me, dad, mom and a group of friends that included also little … Continue reading

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Travelling in Iran (part2)

I was looking forward for this day in the “Esfahān nesf-e jahān ast” (Isfahan is half of the world). It was going to be the day for the visit of the Imam Square, the place I had read so much on … Continue reading

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8 reasons for visiting Iran now

From the moment we came back to Romania I haven’t stopped explaining people around me about how fascinating a country Iran is and that it is really worth it visiting it. Many people think I am kidding but I assure … Continue reading

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Travelling in Iran (part 1)

We rented a car in Teheran, in order to save some time, for taking us to the city of Hamadan where one can visit the cave of Al-Sadr. This huge cave is located 75Km due northeast of city of Hamadan … Continue reading

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The ascent of Pico de Orizaba-first time by our own means   While we were still in Romania, preparing for Mexico and its highest volcano of North America, we had a serious talk about what to do and how to  … Continue reading

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