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The landmark of Mount Giluwe

Some months ago I began to prepare The Mount Giluwe Expedition in Papua New Guinea.  Mount Giluwe has the distinction of being the highest volcano on the Australian continent, and is thus one of the Volcanic Seven Summits. For us … Continue reading

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Preparation for Giluwe

In 20 days from today we will leave for our fifth volcano from the 7 Volcanoes Circuit. Mount Giluwe, in Papua New Guinea. Just listen to the sound of the name. It’s magical. We can’t wait to set off for … Continue reading

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Alexandra and the Seven Volcanoes Circuit

Alexandra Flavia Marcu is my daughter. I educated her the way every mammal does with its cub.                                             I tried to teach her everything that I knew or I could do. A mammal would teach its cub how to hunt, how … Continue reading

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The ascent of Pico de Orizaba-first time by our own means   While we were still in Romania, preparing for Mexico and its highest volcano of North America, we had a serious talk about what to do and how to  … Continue reading

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Iran- Behind the hologram

As soon as our friends found out that our next destination was Iran, the questioning started.-Are you mad? From all the countries… There is a war there…. You’ll be blown up by… and so on and so forthWell, I am … Continue reading

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From Kilimanjaro with love

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania                                                                             … Continue reading

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